Calvary Presbyterian Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church, a PCUSA congregation in Southeast Denver for over sixty years, is a close-knit community that worships, cares, and reaches out together.

We are two, and we are ninety-two. We are families and singles. We are working and retired. We are a caring community who actively finds ways to encourage, pray, and support one another. We think in various ways and vote differently. But we value each other. We value each other’s voices. We consider ourselves to be growing together, open to how the Spirit is working in and among us.
We see the church as people. Several years ago Calvary had the choice to sell their building, recognizing the burden and upkeep that consumed resources and time. Calvary chose to sell, seeing the church not as property but a community of people journeying together. Calvary chose to free up the time and efforts of its people for service and ministry. Calvary now shares space and ministry resources with First Plymouth Congregational Church, and worships in the Knight Chapel on the North end of the First Plymouth campus.
We are Presbyterian in our sense of the church. That God works through all of us as we give ourselves to the good news of God’s grace, forgiveness, and love. We encounter God in and through the community of faith as we grapple, as we grow, as we worship, and as we give to those in need. We take this approach seriously in our discussions and in our worship. We engage in conversation, we pair poetry, music, and art with the scriptures, and we make time for response. We engage in interpretation and application together, listening, speaking, and growing together.
We are Christ-centered in our interpretation of scripture. We take seriously Jesus’ love for all, whether those within the socially acceptable tradition, or those without. We take seriously Jesus’ choice to eat with the unclean, to call the tax collector and the prostitute, and to turn his gaze to those low on the social ladder like children, and women, and lepers. We believe a life of following Christ is a life of transformation, of openness, of love, of growth, and of grace.
We are welcoming. Because we believe in Christ’s love for all, and his confronting of socially accepted categories and chasms, we accept all. We protect the dignity of each other, and seek to understand and learn from one another, whether we are confident or questioning, young or old, married or single, straight or gay.
We hope you will add your voice and presence to our community of faith. You are welcome here!