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September Messenger

Emily LewisComment

Seeking Community in a Disjointed World.   

We feel and see with different hearts and eyes: -

Ah Christ, if all our hearts could meet in Thee

How well it were for them and well for me,  

Our hearts Thy dear accepted Sacrifice.  -Christine Rossetti  

I met up with an old friend this week. We’ve been friends for over 18 years. He lives in the Springs with his wife and four kids. So we met up late in the evening, when kids are in bed and no one needs us for the rest of the day. We weren’t too far into our conversation when a random Trump comment sent us careening into the way of oncoming politics. I discovered what I had already suspected. As much as we have in common, as much history and shared convictions, we do not see the world the same way.   Back and forth we went, friendly though puzzled. We voiced our convictions, like a tennis volley that went on far too long. But as we became aware of the clock, I started to step back from my own body to listen more astutely. In doing so it became discernable that in our political arguments was our own stories finding their ways out, about attempts to make a future for our families out of bootstraps and sheer will, as well as a little help from others at key points along the way. Of trying to find our place and calling amidst the cacophony of soundbites, and conflicts of interests. Finding your voice, and a way to serve while also acknowledging your part in the complex and sinful systems of this world – it is a difficult and sometime disorienting endeavor.   “We feel and see with different hearts and eyes: Ah Christ, if all our hearts could meet in Thee…”   As I woke from my politically induced stupor the next morning, and stumbled upon this poem from Rosetti, I found myself hopeful. In a world so wrought with division I become overwhelmed at times. But connection is still possible even while “we feel and see with different hearts and eyes.” It is possible to meet in Christ, and with each other. We can transcend and surpass such drastically different ways of seeing the world when we affirm the limits of our understandings, our common humanity, and our place at the feet of Christ.   And the last line of Rossetti’s poem … “our hearts Thy dear accepted sacrifice.” Not our hearts individually, but our hearts joined; our hearts meeting in Thee – hearts that see the world through different lenses, meeting together in the late hours of the day, and being offered as one offering to God, mingled but not monolithic; a patchwork, a collage, a community of hope desperate to reach through the fog to find a hold – a hold in Christ, a hold in community.              

-Pastor Dave  


Welcome Calvary’s New Members

On August 23rd we celebrated the growth and deepening of our fellowship as five individuals joined the church as members. Though they have all been participating for some time, this step is a deepening of their connections, their faith, and their desire to contribute to the life of Calvary with the gifts that they bring. Part of those deepening commitments was the baptism of Richard Wiest. So we give thanks for these friends – for their faith, their fellowship, and for what they bring to our church!