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August Messenger

Sandra BacaComment

From the Pastor’s Desk

Stories. Of the privileges of my current vocational and academic life is that I get to indulge in the reading of stories. As a pastor I have the privilege of hearing excerpts of your own stories. I read the scriptures closely. I read literature of various times and places. Through listening and reading I get to consider my own story as well. And in the act of preaching all this finds some life and expression. Stories mingling and seeking to say something about life under God’s care and lived for the purposes of God’s kingdom.

There is a line in that novel I have great affection for, A River Runs Though It. The father says to Norman, "You like to tell true stories?" Norman answered, "Yes, I like to tell stories that are true." Then the father asked, "After you have finished your true stories sometime, why don't you make up a story and the people to go with it? Only then will you understand what happened and why.” Stories. Only through the creative interacting of stories can we someday make sense of our individual and family stories. It is a provocative line, and not far from the activity of the church. We engage the scriptural stories with careful reading, study, sermonizing, and even discussing the sermon.

The other important piece is the reading and listening to each others’ stories so that we might better understand our own stories and journeys. There are stories to be told and interacted with. Your individual stories, and the stories of Calvary’s history as a church, even as we prepare for another transition and a new chapter in this collective story. One thing literary theory has taught us is that we cannot separate the scriptural stories from our own. We read the one in light of the other. It is a process not to shirk but to engage. It is a lesson we as a society have much to learn about – to resist the impulse to reject another’s story or make it conform along political lines. We must learn to listen to peoples’ journeys and experiences. This listening brings new light to how we read our scriptures. And perhaps along the way we will better understand our own stories.

It is a privilege to journey with you as your pastor and I look forward to the continued work of engaging stories, both personal and scriptural, that we may grow in understanding, and grace, and compassion. I think of the words of Deuteronomy 6 that call us to bind to ourselves the “law” (the first five books of the Bible which include the stories of God’s people). I leave you with this charge to love the Lord, and in doing so, to bind to yourself those transformative stories even as we tell our own.

Faith in Action Team (FIAT)

“We are so excited to hear about the amazing graciousness of Calvary Presbyterian Church members again, for our students at Kenton Elementary. A huge Thank You!”

On Sunday, July 26, Calvary and Prince of Peace filled some 43 backpacks full of school supplies for Kenton Elementary in Aurora. Plus, thanks to your generosity, we had additional supplies that could be delivered loose. With your help, many students, across multiple grades, will get a great head start for the year. Heather Woodward, Kenton’s principal, wrote, “We are so excited to hear about the amazing graciousness of Calvary Presbyterian Church members again for our students at Kenton Elementary. A huge thank you!”

News from the Garden

The garden has suffered from the crazy weather this summer. Once the rain stopped and the sun came out, many of the plants immediately went to seed. We did not plant cucumbers or squash this year, and will mostly have tomatoes, carrots, beets, and beans. The beans are in and will be put out soon, and who knows when the tomatoes will be ready. There is kale and chard, so if you want some feel free to pick it, or see Sydney and she will pick for you. It wilts badly in this heat and is best not to pick ahead and put out. We always need help with watering, so if you are going to be near the church feel free to check to see if it needs watering.

Choir rehearsals will begin again in September. Exact date is still to be determined, but please consider joining us!

Crafters will meet at the usual time at the Calvary- Bracken House on Thursday, August 20th at 11AM.

Thank You Cathy Jaynes for all your hard work and dedication in getting the church office ready for new staff. Due to your great organization and filing, I am able to step in and run the office as efficiently as possible.

Update from the Daytimers

Daytimers will meet as usual on the fourth Wednesday of the month. On August 26th at 11:30AM we plan to carpool to the Cheesecake Factory in Park Meadows, so reservations must be made. Please contact Edna at 303.759.5647 or send her an email at by Tuesday, August 25 if you would like to attend. This will be our first venture to this location.

Retreat Announcement

When Corey Schlosser-Hall returns to Colorado for the Denver Presbytery’s Annual Fall Leadership Retreat, he’ll guide participants in exploring new meanings of the idiom “Playing by Heart.” Instead of rote memorization of church doctrine, we’ll delve into the “Heart of the Matter,” living in the Spirit; “Matters of the Heart,” stewardship of our resources; and dare to “Take Heart,” courageously and face the future. The retreat will be held at Highlands Camp on Friday and Saturday, November 13th and 14th, 2015. Everyone is welcome! Register at Make plans to attend now!