Calvary Presbyterian Church

November Messenger

Emily LewisComment

Seeing Relationships as Sacramental

In our tradition we have two sacraments: baptism and the Lord supper. These are the places where we speak of finding “means of grace.” Truth and grace come together in these moments of connection with our Lord and our community, becoming a sign and seal of God’s promises; bringing hope within our touch and feel. But, I wonder where else you find means of grace, as well. What are the sacramental moments or opportunities in your life?

Relationships are one of those sacramental opportunities. We have affirmed this in identifying Calvary as a church that is people more than building or programs. It is the journey together where we experience God's love, forgiveness, presence, and Grace.

What does it mean for relationships to be Sacramental? Here are some possibilities: 
We behold in each other the ways that God is working in lives, not just in abstract ways but in the details and difficulties; the joys and triumphs of our journeys. 
We have the ongoing opportunity to love, to listen, and to bestow grace and forgiveness.
We have a continual mirror in one another to reflect back to us our triggers, our struggles, our pet peeves, and our opportunities to grow. 

We have in each other opportunity for stimulating conversation, and to foster openness that allows us to think out loud together, and to grow in our ways of conceiving of God and ways of participating with God’s work in the world.

Perhaps you can articulate other ways that relationships can be sacramental.

I offer this as both a meditation towards how we have defined Calvary in recent months, as well as a reminder in times of transition. For when our structures change, we can be left feeling a bit unsettled, looking for the railing to hold on to, looking for order, and being annoyed with others. But when we feel such things, let us press closer to these relationships, seeing them as sacramental; opportunities. In doing so, we might grow in this season, and be God’s Grace to one another. We might find stability in our community together, rather than in structures. We might work through our challenges, and embrace the new relationships available with our host First Plymouth. We will have much to learn together, figure out, and to accept. I trust this will all be part of our spiritual journeys, not excepted from them. For these are sacramental opportunities perpetually before us. May we embrace them. 

Grace and peace,

Pastor Dave