Calvary Presbyterian Church


Calvary Presbyterian Church is a small, but grounded community of caring  rooted in the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

We celebrate how God is working in our lives; we struggle with deep questions and together search the Bible and Christian texts for inspiration and understanding; and we grieve together when any part of the body of Christ suffers. God calls us to be in relationship, and this is a hallmark of Calvary Presbyterian Church,


Calvary is now sharing space and ministry opportunities with First Plymouth Congregational Church (at the corner of Hampden Ave. and Colorado Blvd.) We worship in the newly renovated chapel at the north end of the building at 10 a.m. on Sundays. Our mid-week meetings and gatherings are also held in the meeting rooms at First Plymouth. The Pastor's office is located across from the Commons Room and the office manager's office is housed in First Plymouth's church office space.

We are blessed and excited for this space to worship and to live out our ministry and sense of community as a church. We are blessed and excited for the opportunities to work together with First Plymouth in acts of outreach and compassion.
If you are looking for an intergenerational church that is growing together in faith, expressing our journeys, and seeking to be an expression of God’s love and grace to each other and the world, come join us at 3501 S. Colorado Blvd., you will find us in the chapel on Sunday mornings.